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Graduate Division of Religious Studies
Master of Arts in Religious Studies
Admission Information

Further Qualifications for Admission to MA Programmes

In addition to the general qualifications required for admission to the Graduate School

  • Applicants with good honors degrees in subjects other than Religious Studies may also be considered for admission to the M.A. Degree Programme.
  • Applicants for the M.A. Degree Programme have to fulfill the "English Language Proficiency Requirement." (please refer to the Postgraduate Prospectus 2013-14 or Graduate School Homepage http://www.cuhk.edu.hk/gss)

Areas of Study

  • Area 1: Religion, Heritage and Context
  • Area 2: Religion, Society and Culture
  • Area 3: Religion, Life and Wisdom
  • Area 4: Special Topics in Religious Studies

Besides a required course (Theories of Religious Studies), students must take any seven courses with at least one course each from Areas of Study 1,2 and 3 prescribed in the course list.

The degree would require a total of 8 courses, i.e., 24 units to be completed within one year for full-time students and two years for part-time students.

Course List

必修科目 (Required Course)

RELS5005 Theories of Religious Studies 宗教研究理論

Area 1: 宗教、傳統與處境 (Religion, Heritage and Context)

RELS5123 Taoist Thought 道教思想
RELS5125 Taoist Ritual 道教科儀
RELS5118 Studies on Chinese Buddhism 中國佛教研究
RELS5316 Studies of Humanistic Buddhism 人間佛教研究
RELS5121 Popular Religion in China 中國民間宗教
THEO5906 Methods and Paradigms of Christian Studies 基督教研究之方法與範式
RELS5219 The Hebrew Bible in Contexts 希伯來聖經之處境詮釋
THEO5910 New Testament in Contexts 新約聖經處境詮釋
RELS5275 Spirituality and Religious Congregations 靈修與修會傳統
RELS5276 Theology of Vatican II 梵二的神學思想
RELS5300 The Study of Islam 伊斯蘭教研究
RELS5312 Hindu Visions of Divinity 印度宗教的神明觀

Area 2: 宗教、社會與文化 (Religion, Society and Culture)

RELS5143 Contemporary Issues in Ethics, Society & Religion 宗教、社會及倫理學的現代問題
RELS5273 Catholic Social Ethics 天主教社會倫理
RELS5149 Religion and Ecological Crisis 宗教與生態危機
RELS5129 Taoism and Chinese Culture 道教與中國文化
RELS5314 Buddhism and Culture 佛教與文化
THEO5926 Christianity and Chinese Culture 基督教與中國文化
RELS5325 Christianity in Chinese Literature 中國文學中的基督教
RELS5326 Chinese Religion and Literature 中國宗教與文學
RELS5324 Translating Rel Classics & Cultural Exchange 宗教經典翻譯與文化交流
THEO5933 Media, Popular Culture and Christianity 媒體、普及文化與基督教

Area 3: 宗教、人生與智慧 (Religion, Life and Wisdom)

RELS5323 Life and Death in World Religions 世界宗教的生死觀
RELS5327 Wisdom in Religious Classics 從宗教經典看人生智慧
RELS5328 Taoism, Health and Nourishing of Life 道教、健康與養生
RELS5329 Buddhism, Right Mindfulness and Meditation 佛教、正念與禪修
RELS5330 Religion and Spiritual Practice 宗教與修持
RELS5146 Religious Education and Personal Growth 宗教教育與個人成長

Area 4: 宗教專題研究 (Special Topics in Religious Studies)

RELS5331 Special Topic in Religious Studies I 宗教研究專題(一)
RELS5332 Special Topic in Religious Studies II 宗教研究專題(二)
RELS5322 Research Paper in Religious Studies 宗教研究學術論文
RELS5333 Field Studies of Religious Culture 宗教文化田野考察


Ho Chor Memorial Scholarship 何瑳紀念獎學金  [Description] [Application Form]

St. Francis Xavier Scholarship 聖芳濟獎學金 [Description] [Application Form]

Admission Materials

After submitting an online application, applicants upload the following documents to the Graduate School (http://www2.cuhk.edu.hk/gss/apply.php):

  1. Copies of degree certificates
  2. Copies of transcripts
  3. Documents showing the applicant has fulfilled the Graduate School's English Language Proficiency Requirement
  4. Application Fee Receipt (Not necessary for credit card payment through online application)
  5. Copies of identity card or passport

And the following documents should be sent to the General Office (Address: http://www.crs.cuhk.edu.hk/en/contact.php) before the application deadline. Please write the application number, the name of programme applied and name of applicant on the envelope.

  1. Confidential Recommendations from Two referees respectively*
  2. Official Transcripts from the University attended by applicants*
  3. Copies of identity card or passport
  4. Original of English proficiency proof
  5. Application fee receipt (if any)
  6. Copies of degree certificates

* Official Transcripts and Confidential Recommendation must reach the respective divisions directly from the University and referees, or in sealed envelopes and sent by the applicant with other support documents to the Graduate Division.

Admission Method

Internet submission of admission materials via website:  http://www2.cuhk.edu.hk/gss/apply.php 

Application Deadline: 28 February 2015

Tuition Fee (2014-15): HK$84,000 per annum (Full-time)

HK$42,000 per annum (Part-time)

If students fail to complete all course requirements within their normative study period (12 months for full-time; 24 months for part-time), additional tuition fee will be charged:

For students admitted in 2014-15, each course will be charged HK$9,501 if it is taken after the normative study period.


1) Relgious Division/ Dept of Cultural and Religious Studies
Miss Tina Tsang (Tel. No. 3943-6508)
E-mail: tinatsang@cuhk.edu.hk

2) Graduate School Office
Tel. No. for General Enquiry: 3943-8976 or 3943-8977