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Prof. LEE Chi Chung Archie
李熾昌 教授
Adjunct Professor
B.A., M.Div. (CUHK); Ph.D. (Edin)

李熾昌教授於英國愛丁堡大學獲取希伯來聖經博士學位(1980),曾先後五次訪問以色列和埃及,在耶路撒冷希伯來大學研究希伯來文及聖地考古學,因此對該地區錯綜複雜的宗教文化狀況,以及由此所引發的當下全球焦點問題,如以巴衝突、伊拉克戰爭等,均有關心和理解。1998-2001 年度,獲英國劍橋大學宗教與神學高級研究中心邀請,出任“亞洲基督教”研究計劃主任。


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Archie Chi Chung Lee received his doctoral degree in Hebrew Bible Studies from the University of Edinburgh (1980). He also did his graduate research work on the Hebrew language and archaeology at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and is familiar with the religious, social and political complexity of the Israel-Palestinian issues and the War with Iraq. In 1998-2001, he was invited to be the founding director of the Christianity in Asia Project of the Centre for Advanced Religious and Theological Studies, University of Cambridge. His area of specialization is the Hebrew Bible and its socio-political and religio-cultural contexts in Ancient Mesopotamia and Canaan. In recent years, he has developed interests in cross-textual hermeneutics, comparative scriptural studies and Asian biblical interpretation. He was elected Council member of Society of Biblical Literature (2009 - ) and serves as editor or reviewer in four international academic publications: Global Bible Commentary, Journal of Biblical Literature, Biblical Interpretation and Journal of World Christianity.