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Prof. Elmo Gonzaga on Movie Screens at National University of Singapore

January 3, 2017

Prof. Elmo Gonzaga has been invited to serve as a speaker of the 2nd SEAARC (Southeast Asia Architecture Research Collaborative) Symposium from 5 to 7 January 2017 at National University of Singapore. Prof. Gonzaga presents a paper entitled “Window Displays and Movie Screens: architectural interfaces and media ecologies of capitalism…

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Prof. Chung Peichi on Digital Games at City University of Hong Kong

December 12, 2016

Prof. Chung Peichi will serve as a speaker of a public seminar “Current Perspectives in Game Studies” at City University of Hong Kong on 16 December 2016. This seminar brings to together a snapshot of six contemporary viewpoints in game studies, ranging from game hermeneutics to game ontology, and from…

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